Goba Official 6-Pack

Goba Official 6-Pack

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Love boba tea but tired of the inconvenient store trip or high calories and sugar?

Look no further, here we have Goba, the First Bubble Tea To-Go. 6-Pack + FREE SHIPPING via USPS

*Variety Pack -2 bottles per flavor 

Goba offers a refreshingly delicious fruit-based boba tea along with a flavorful burst of popping boba on each bite. 
  • Our bubble teas come with three flavors: Mango Green Tea, Passion Fruit Green Tea and Pomegranate Green Tea.
  • Our products are made with organic ingredients: organic green tea, organic agave and mango, passion fruit and pomegranate flavor, Goba bubbles (edible pearls) are small, refreshing juice-filled pearls.
  • Through our product engineering, Goba has implemented a flavorful sweet taste with fewer calories than all other boba's on the market.
Best of all, no more needing to search: Boba Tea near me. We ship to in every state in the U.S.
Goba Tea creates a fun, refreshing and healthy experience that all bubble tea fanatics crave.