Goba Tea aims to deliver a convenient, guilt-free and delicious drink experience.

We created the first bottled bubble tea.


Goba Tea was founded in the summer of 2017 by two college students attending Babson College
and Johns Hopkins University. While schooling in the Northeast, Noah Doris and Byron D'Mello noticed the popularity of bubble tea amongst busy and stressed college students. Students would drive 20-30 mins just to 
grab a cup of bubble tea which has to be consumed immediately. This led them to create the first bottled bubble tea that had a shelf life. They developed the proper mix within the first few months
and began wholesaling to local stores in South Florida. With clear customer demand, especially in
urban locations, the beverage company grew to Maryland, Massachusetts and California.


Goba Tea’s product line consists of three delicious flavors: Mango Green Tea, Passion Fruit Green
Tea and Pomegranate Green Tea. They are made with fruits, green tea, agave and Goba bubble(small juice filled balls). Through the products’
engineering, the company has implemented a flavorful sweet taste with fewer calories than all other
competing bottled teas. Goba Tea creates a fun, refreshing and healthy experience that all bubble

tea fanatics crave.

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